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Listed is a free blogging platform that allows you to create a public journal published directly from your notes. This unique approach to keeping a public blog on the internet using just a notes app yields two surprising effects:

  1. You discover a better form of your writing. You worry less about how others will perceive your words, and more about feeling fulfilled that you shared your experience in its truest form. Honest writing, in our experience, is better writing.
  2. The privacy of writing in the Standard Notes app combined with the ease of publishing on Listed encourages free flow and expansion of thought. You’ll probably publish on Listed more than you do any other platform. It’s not uncommon that Listed authors publish a new journal entry to their blog every day.

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Mattia Gheda - ghedamat
Software Engineer, Ember hacker, Ruby lover, NixOS user.
Pegeen's Blog
I am working on a teacher training. I also have diverse interests, including feminist projects, and like pursing many hobbies.
Roadbook Café | Roadbook Coffee Bar
Sur la route à moto avec un café, un livre, #Spotify et un appareil photo | On the road on a motorbike with a coffee, a book, #Spotify and a camera
Cultura digitale, pensiero critico, natura, riflessioni.
Onset to Coda
The continuing education of a half-decent linguist, wannabe philosopher, and diy tech enthusiast. #100days
100 suns
Just another * hacker
In Search For Balance
Looking for balance in life, work, and relationships. #1000 days because the first 365 were pretty easy.
FiveYellowMice 的短文章
对于博文来说太短,对于推文来说太长的内容。CC-BY-SA 4.0。主博客: https://fiveyellowmice.com
A discord bot with over 757,000 users providing a wide variety of commands, from audio all the way to notifications. More information at https://asphaltbot.com
Joe Rodgers
True believer and hodler of last resort.
Frater Perdurabo
Diario de sueños
Reluctant technophile, full-stack co-founder, Sydney-based. Personal blog: @enemieanon
Pude ser normal, pero una "l" se me atravesó.
Notes on theatre, music, and the spoken word.
Queer reconstructionist heathen trying to organize his thoughts. He/they. Norse rune worker, artist, and bird watcher. No frith with fascists.
pohjoista ruokaa
Dustin Venegas
A perturbed pedestrian in great condition for their condition.
Level Out
A digital garden; finding chaos in the systems that surround us
Solo otro ingeniero de sistemas con un amor por la comida y los videojuegos.
Designer, Illustrator & traveler. Sharing interesting things.
Lane Sawyer🌹
Humanist, vegan, minimalist, programmer, collector of labels.
Hannah Does Things
Talking about my stupid projects in detail.
100 ficciones y prosas, ideadas y escritas por Héctor Delgado.
dungeons and dragons and fighting games
notes on things I'm learning
lost, losing, lasting, light
Coder · Writer · Tinker(er)?
Queer white trans woman, post-reconstructionist pagan, proudly part of Senobessus Bolgon. Bologobo eđđi nepos rix!
A shy kid learning to let out my expressions.
here are my thoughts
Bjorn Pagen
Bjorn's personal, non-professional blog.
things I think about #100days
I've got a brand new combine harvester
Integrated Change
Poems for living at the edges of worlds.
❥ Inclination of Heart
"Get used to a rough life, for luxury does not last forever." - Umar(RA)
some dude with too much time on his hands.
Mojo's Dojo // 100 days 🍡
Writing to learn, learning to write. With practice comes clarity of purpose. #100days
Anthony Kennedy
Ex Trader, Investor, Principal of a Palm Beaches-based Family Office. Proficient Operator in Business, Competitive and Private Intelligence.
Alicia Sykes
I collect rocks, and my favorite color is grey
Notas personales, reflexiones y esas cosas.
Low Tech Life
Hi, I'm Hailey. Follow me on my journey in becoming my most authentic self through limiting the use of digital technologies. #100Days
Virtual Analog
A place to wax nostalgic about signals old and new.
Mo Bitar
Notes to self. Working on Standard Notes, an end-to-end encrypted notes app.
Jay's Journal
Always watching, always learning.
88 keys per hour
My notes from learning the piano
Updates and announcements to your favorite author-reader blogging platform. Take the #100Days Writing Challenge!