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Sablier, revolutionizing finance thanks to streaming.

If you haven't heard of Sablier (https://sablier.finance), it's an app which allows you to "stream" money. It's based on Ethereum, and I genuinely think it's simply incredible.

First, Sablier makes it possible for your employer to pay you every single second. Yes. Every single second. So instead of receiving your paycheck at the end of each month, you can receive every second what that second of your time is worth. Which is crazy, right? Because it allows you to be much more flexible, as you know that tomorrow, whatever happens, you will receive your daily salary too. At the end of the day, it doesn't make a lot of sense to be paid every month, right? So there is already a huge usecase for that.

Second, you can also use Sablier for your heritage. Instead of giving a certain amount of money directly to your children, you can now stream money as part of your heritage to your kids. Which, makes again perfect sense to me. Because it would allow parents to ensure that their children will have a fallback every single second coming directly in their wallet, during their whole life. A guaranteed revenue essentially. Crazy, isn't it?

Third, Sablier finally allows it, to only pay for a subscription when you use it. Just think about it, does it really make sense to pay 10$ a month for a Spotify subscription, if you are only using it one hour a day? Because you are essentially paying for 720 hours of music every month, but you are just using it during 30 hours, though, you still pay the same amount of money. Doesn't make sense, right? Well that's where Sablier comes in, because if Spotify were to integrate Sablier for example, it would allow the Spotify users to just pay when they use the service. And that's how it should be. This will radically transform they way companies are funded in the next few years.

As you have most likely already understood, I'm incredibly excited for the future of Sablier, and if I had a few millions in my pockets, this is definitely a start-up I would invest in.

0x, not hyped, not exciting, but very promising.

0x, if you haven't heard about it, is a cryptocurrency project mainly focused on liquidity. And while it's definitely not the most hyped project out there, and definitely not the most exciting project, it's a very promising project.

0x is in a certain way a liquidity network, which everyone can access. That's the selling point, because any developer can with just a few lines of codes allow his dApps to access millions and millions in terms of liquidity. And what's even more interesting about it, it that it's unique, and it's already used quite a lot actually. While the project in its beginnings was clearly not successful, as it lacked a decent amount of volume, it doesn't face that problem anymore with a few millions of dollar of daily volume.

Something which makes in my opinion 0x so valuable, is that in the next 10 years, most games will start using blockchain, most content will be based on the blockchain, and basically everything will be based on the blockchain. Your favorite YouTuber will sell special videos using something like Unlock Protocol on Ethereum as tokens, and once you bought the video, you will be able to transfer the ownership of it to someone else. Incredible, isn't it?

This will most likely also be the case in games. And art. And real estate. And books. And clothes. But to be able to exchange all these things, you need marketplaces. And as a game developer, I don't think you would like to spend 1+ year on the development of a decentralized marketplace, simply to allow your users to buy and sell digital goods. As a game developer, you want to spend as much time as possible developing your game, making it even more fun. And that's where 0x comes in, because thanks to 0x, you can in just a few minutes launch your own marketplace, and instantly allow potentially millions of people to buy and sell digital goods on your marketplace. I took here the example of games, but this is something which you can apply to nearly everything. After all, as a real estate company, I doubt you will want to focus on creating a marketplace. You want to focus on selling real estate. Because that's what's profitable. Same for an art seller. Or a clothing shop.

The true strength of 0x is its Plug & Play ability regarding the access to liquidity, and the creation of marketplaces using that liquidity.

Time and Bitcoin.

Regarding time, there is this really interesting theory, mostly found in the Bitcoin community, which essentially says that it just doesn't make sense to use fiat currencies such as the USD, or the EURO. The reason why is essentially because when you work for a company, you convert time into USD. Because you spend time, and you receive a salary which is in USD, or any other fiat currency.

But it doesn't make sense, because for the EURO for example, there is a 1 to 2% inflation during normal years (without taking in consideration years like this one where there is a crisis). But this inflation essentially means that every year, your time is valued up to 2% less. Ridiculous, isn't it? So why would you start using USD? Why not use something like Bitcoin, which has a very very tiny inflation and will in the following years most likely switch to a form of deflation (because people lose their private keys, send their BTC to wrong addressses,...). While it's an incredibly interesting way of thinking, which Misir Mahmudov pioneered if I'm not mistaken, it doesn't make sense. The reason why is because this theory only works, if everyone adopts Bitcoin, and everyone starts using it. Which is currently obviously not the case.

Because if you convert every time your salary into Bitcoin, or you are directly paid in BTC, but no one uses BTC, you will 1. always have to convert your BTC into USD to live, 2. you will most likely win, but also lose money depending on how BTC behaves against the USD. And that's the big flaw with Mahmudov's theory.

Time is the real currency, not the USD, nor the EURO.

It's funny because 99.999% of the people on this planet value everything in time. And I do too actually. But why? Because, at the end of the day, it just doesn't make sense. It would make much more sense to value everything in time, as, you can not inflate time, there will always be 24 hours in your day, never more, never less. While, the USD is currently being inflated with 1 million dollars every single second because of COVID-19.

And besides, everyone has time, it's the perfect currency actually. Bill Gates has as much time as you and I have. And what's interesting about it, is that no one can buy it. No one can buy, even with billions of dollars, even just a second more every day.

Now, you will most likely tell me that time isn't as equal as I'm saying as a currency, simply because Bill Gates can afford incredibly expensive health operations which you and me can't. But while I agree with this statement, I must say it's not entirely correct, as these health operations and other stuff will maybe allow him to live a few years longer, it will just be a few more years where he will not be in great shape. Most people in their 90s aren't really looking forward to life, if you see what I mean. So time, as a currency, is actually quite a fair system.

When you go on Facebook, you spend time. SPEND. Yeah, like money. Because it's money. The more you spend time on his social media, the more Zuckerberg will win money, as it will allow them to have more data about you, more insights.

When you create a startup for example, you will invest a lot in it, more than you can imagine. Maybe some part of that will be money, but most likely, most of that will be time. Simply because your favorite VC can't offer you time, nor can they invest time (unless they start working for you of course).

Time is the real currency.

The best ways of investing during these difficult times.

The markets are currently down, and it hurts. My cryptocurrency portfolio went down by around 50%. However, I'm still confident in my strategy, even if I have had some doubts the past few days. But that's normal I guess, given how bad the situation looks like. Though, I think that the coming few weeks will be an investment opportunity which we will not see again during years of time. So, how do you invest?

Well, I have currently just been investing in knowledge. Because knowledge, as Benjamin Graham used to say, is the best investment one can make. Knowledge, is what allows you to buid businesses, to have relationships with people,... Knowledge, equals power.

Though, in the coming weeks, I will be investing again in crypto, simply because the market just overreacted, in crypto, but maybe not in the global financial. Though, if I had enough money, I think I would be heavily investing now in the S&P 500. Not specific companies in the index, but just the whole index. It's in my opinion certainly one of the most safest investments you can make. And the reason is simple, the economy always, ALWAYS goes up on a long-term perspective. Always. There will only be more people on this planet, only more demand, and because of that, a never-stopping-growing economy. That's how simple it is. Now you may live difficult times like this one, but on a 30 to 60 year investment period, it's certainly the best decision you can take if you start investing early in your life. At least, that's what I'm planning to do.

Standard Notes, the million dollar business.

I must say I'm impressed with Standard Notes, really. And also with Listed. It's a genius move in my opinion, because it just makes total sense. The interesting thing with Listed, is that no one can comment, there are no "likes" or "claps", or whatever way to rank blog posts. You just publish stuff, and that's it. You don't do it to try to become popular, you do it, to clarify your thoughts, to allow other people to understand things which matter to you,... Oh, and you do it privately. If I were a millionaire, I would directly make an offer to buy this company, for sure.

Health recap.

Here is a little recap about my health. I will cover sleep, diet and exercise, like I did in my health recommendations blog post.

Regarding sleep, it's certainly the "field" where I'm being the most healthy in. Mostly because I don't go out a lot, and, I like having full nights of sleep. I also have the advantage that I'm an early bird, which allows me to go to sleep at 10PM incredibly easy, and wake up at 6AM without any problems.

My diet has certainly been one of the most difficult things to maintain recently. I'm (trying) doing the Keto diet, but it's pretty complicated actually, since a couple of weeks. For some reason, I can't stop the habit of eating something at 4PM, even if I'm not hungry at all. This ruins the ketosis state I'm into when I get back from school. So I really need to find a way to break these bad habits, and be able to stay in ketosis 24/7.

Finally, I have been exercising a bit, not a lot actually, but just keeping the habit of exercising every day, which I think is more important, than exercising a lot without consistency.

Using prediction markets to cure diseases.

There is currently an epidemic in the world, and it has a lovely name: Corona (also known as COVID-19). And it's funny, because when you think about it, cryptocurrencies literally solve everything. Whatever problem you are encountering, it can be solved with crypto. In this case, people could use prediction markets to incentivize big pharma companies to find a cure for COVID-19. To do this, someone would need to create a prediction market which would ask the following question for example: "Will X company find a cure for the Corona disease before the end of the year?". To incentivize that specific company to find a cure, people would need to bet on the idea that, it will not find a cure by the end of the year. And the company, knowing it can find one, will bet that they will find a cure by the end of the year. That way, the company will win, besides selling the cure of course, an enormous amount of money thanks to this prediction market.

It's funny, because I really have this feeling that, we haven't discovered all the use cases for prediction markets yet. And there are already a lot of them.

Difficult times.

I must admit these are incredibly difficult times to be in crypto. I lost the past few days more than 50% of my initial investments. That hurts. But I'm still as confident in crypto, and in my investment strategy, as I was before. The main thing here, which a lot of people aren't noticing, is that this is an amazing learning experience. A lot of people are scared because they see their portfolio going down. And it's funny, because does it matter, if, before making a 100x on your investments because you were in this space way before everyone, your portfolio just went down by a bit on a very short term perspective? I would argue it doesn't matter. I really don't care actually. Really.

This thing (Bitcoin) can go down to 1000 $, I would still be as confident as I have always been. Why? Simple because 1 BTC is still equal to 1 BTC. What people don't realize when investing in cryptocurrency assets, is that they actually truly own something. If you invest in Ethereum for example, you don't invest in ETH, you invest in the network. Without ETH, the network won't work. So on a long term perspective, it's just not possible for ETH to go much more down, simply because the network is so useful and people need ETH to use it.

Let's take one of my investments for example, 0x. 0x is essentially a liquidity network for dApps. The interesting thing with 0x, is that, wherever the market goes, the 0x network will be used, simply because to move the market, you need liquidity, which you can find on 0x. Besides, the 0x token is mainly used for governance purposes. The max supply is 1 billion tokens. If I have 1000 0x tokens, it means that it will FOREVER, control 1/1000000 of the network. Wether the price of the token goes up or down, it doesn't matter, I still control 0.0001% of the network. And controlling 0.0001% of something forever, whatever happens, that's true power.

Let centralized exchanges burn in hell.

I read an article today which was pointing to the fact that thanks to Uniswap, new cryptocurrencies don't need to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to be listed on centralized exchanges.

That's what I call a revolution. Because when you think about it, it truly is.

In just a fraction of a second (not literally of course), you can create a cryptocurrency, and a market for it, which eve our beloved SEC or whatever financial entity you have, can't take down. I really think this is crazy, simply because to do something like that in today's world, it would take at least (and I'm being optimistic here), a year. Here, in just a few minutes it's done, without administration, with instant user access and without anyone being able to take it down.

Oh, and did I forget to cover the insanely low fees?

Reading, the key to succeed in life.

I'm really writing too much about crypto on this blog, which is understandable given the fact that, well I'm really passionate about it. Though, this blog covers other subjects besides crypto, and that's why I'm writing this blog post today about reading.

Reading is literally one of the most simple and valuable things you can do, however, 99% of the people in our society don't do it. And it's frustrating, because a lot of these people are complaining about their living conditions, their salary,... And yes, our society is definitely not perfect, but if you don't educate yourself, it will certainly never be. Through reading, you can learn about health, having kids, love, marketing, leadership,... Think about how much our society would "improve", if people were reading, it's insane.

So really, please read.

Please just stop trying to predict the price.

It's funny, because a lot of people don't believe in individuals who affirm being able to see the future. Though, weirdly enough, most of the cryptocurrency community believes it can predict the future price of a cryptocurrency asset. Which is ridiculous, because there is no difference between trying to predict the future, and trying to predict the price. So why do you believe in these price predictions?

The thing is, everything can happen in life, EVERYTHING. So it's impossible to predict the price, simply because there are just too many events that could take place which could impact the price performance of your favorite cryptocurrency asset.

Besides, if someone was effectively able to accurately predict the future price of an asset, he would be wealthier than our dear friend Jeff Bezos. Which no one is.

So please, please stop trying to predict the price. That's how simple it is.

Dharma, your future bank.

I started using Dharma recently. If you don't know what it is, Dharma is basically a 2.0 bank. ING, Deutsche Bank,... these are all 1.0 banks. Then you have N26 for example, which is in my opinion a 1.0+ bank. And then there is Dharma, which is so different, that it's not even comparable to a bank.

Currently, the only thing you can do with Dharma, is deposit money, earn interest, and withdraw money. But the user experience is just insanely good. It's crazy, because it feels like it's addictive. You absolutely want to have the highest number as possible in your Dharma wallet. I don't know how they did in order for people to have such a feeling, but they did it really well.

There is something which tells me that in a few years, Dharma will be worth billions...

We will see.

Feeling what you feel, the first step towards awakening.

I have been writing a lot about crypto recently, so it's time for me to write about other subjects, like mindfullness for example. Though, for the record, I haven't awakened yet. I'm pretty young, so it would be pretty weird if I had already had an awakening. However, I really believe that feeling the sensations you have, is the first step towards awakening.

With feeling the sensations you have, I mean feeling how it feels to breathe, feeling how it feels to drink water, feeling how it feels to walk. Essentially, you want to feel how it feels to do something. Feeling what you feel.

I strongly encourage you to try it out. Just make a habit of it. Like everytime you drink a glass of water, feel how it feels to drink it. Or everytime you walk to the tramway, listen to the sounds in the streets, feel your breath, feel yourself walking. Just do it. You feel an incredibly huge amount of differences in just a few days. Instead of having your sugar rush and breaking your fast, you will think twice about it. You understand that, it's not necessary, and that you will feel less happy after eating that chocolate bar.

A little introduction to the 0xtardigrade Super Ultra Mega Moonshot X Investment Method™.

Today, I will be presenting my method of investing in crypto. Though, I will not disclose my investments in this post, to avoid any bias. The only thing I will show you here, is my cryptocurrency investment strategy.

The core idea behind the 0xtardigrade Super Ultra Mega Moonshot X Investment Method™, is hyperdiversification. What I mean with hyperdiversification, is the idea of investing in tens of different cryptocurrencies, always with the same amount of money.

Most people investing in crypto have an incredibly not-diversified portfolio, with most of the time less than five different cryptocurrencies. Then you have a minority of people who have a diversified portfolio, which in crypto means having +-10 assets. And only then, you have the people like me, the minority of the minority who have more than 20 assets in in their portfolio. That's hyperdiversification.

The core advantage behind hyperdiversification, is that whoever wins the game, you win. If the DeFi ecosystem goes up in value, I win. If the blockchain-based AI ecosystem goes up in value, I win. If the decentralized platform ecosystem goes up in value, I win. Whatever sector using crypto goes up in value, I win.

Besides, the advantage is that my portfolio is much more stable than 99.9% of the people investing in crypto.

That's the passive part of the method, it's basically just holding more than 20 different assets, with completely different marketcaps, activities, communities,...

But there is also an active part, which is that you constantly have to rebalance your portfolio. By rebalancing, I mean selling the profit you made on one asset. Let's say I have 50$ worth of BTC, and Bitcoin goes up by 20%, I now have 60$. So what I do is that I sell the profit, 10$, and reinvest it in a new cryptocurrency.

This is what makes the 0xtardigrade Super Ultra Mega Moonshot X Investment Method™ incredible. Because you can start using it with as low as 50$ invested in just one asset. And as the market goes up, your portfolio becomes increasingly diversified, which increases the safety of your portfolio, when the market goes down.

Though, it's definitely not the ultimate money making trick. You will make much less profit than if you had found the next Raiblocks, though, you had a <1% of finding it. So there is no point. And with the 0xtardigrade Super Ultra Mega Moonshot X Investment Method™, you will be much more likely to find it, though, you will make less profit than if you went all in.

And for it to work, you need to invest in all the possible types of cryptocurrencies. If you only invest in small cap coins, it will not work. If you just invest in the top 20 of cryptocurrencies by marketcap, it will not work. If you only invest in decentralized platforms like Ethereum, it will not work.

Essentially, you want to find cryptocurrencies with as less similarities as possible, with just one being that they have to be high quality projects, and you have to believe in them of course. Never invest in project you don't believe in. Because if it goes down, the only thing you will want to do, will be to sell your investment, which is the worst thing to do when having losses.

This will be my technique for the next bull run. I will write here every single month about the results I'm getting with this technique.