Ethereum, my minimalistic investment thesis.

This is a new series where I will be writing about all my investments in the cryptocurrency world, there are currently 22 of them, with 7 I have currently already invested in, and 15 I'm planning to. I'm not working at Goldman Sachs, nor did I study economics at university, so don't expect this to be your usual type of investment thesis. This is the way I do it, and that's it. Besides, this is of course not financial advice. And please, never rely solely on one stranger's advice. Thanks.

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is a giant decentralized world computer, powered by a currency called Ether. On Ethereum, developers are able to create what are called "smart contracts", little systems which no one can take down. But to create, and interact with these smart contracts, you need to use Ether, for literally every interaction with the platform. It's like if in a videogame, you would need to pay an incredibly small fee for every move you make, every equipment you use,...

Why Am I Investing in Ethereum?

The reason why I am investing in Ethereum, is because I believe that in a few years, everything will be connected in one way or another to Ethereum, like it currently is with the internet. Companies will use smart contracts, and even sometimes have their own sidechain based on the Ethereum platform. Users will have most of their funds somewhere in the Ethereum ecosystem.

I see Ether as the ultimate investment. The reason why is because Ether allows you to interact with all these dApps, but also create dApps. But now, on top of that, a bigger and bigger part of the Ether supply is being locked to be used in the Ethereum bsed DeFi ecosystem. The catch, is that Ether's supply isn't going to magically increase once more and more people start using it. The inflation will stay the same. So, at one point in time, their will likely not be enough Ether in circulation anymore for Ethereum to be used correctly, leading to a dramatic price increase. Ether is like fuel, you always need some, and in the future, it will likely be very difficult to live without it, at least in Europe, North America, and most probably some parts of Asia to.

And like I already said in the past, no one will take the place of Ethereum. With Ethereum 2.0 coming, there will be no need for all these "ETH killers". I believe their will be a need for  "ETH alternatives", but definitely not these CTRL-C/CTRL-Vs like Tron for example.

How am I investing in Ethereum?

  • BUY: < 365.07$ | 100%
  • SELL: 
    • 1335 $ | 6,25%
    • 2635 $ | 12,50%
    • 3835 $ | 25,00%
    • 4735 $ | 100,00%

If everything goes accordingly to this investment plan, I will have 4905 $ of cashed out profit at the end, with just 500 $ invested with the price of ETH being 365 $. If we take into consideration the fact that I have already invested, and will likely invest more, in ETH under the level of 365 $, the total cashed out profit should turn around something like 5500/6000$. 

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