Personal tokens: the upcoming revolution.

Recently I discovered personal tokens. And I'm getting more and more excited about the idea behind it.

The core idea behind personal tokens is that you create a token where one unit represents one hour of your time. Someone who wants to have a one hour session with you, will need to buy one token on Uniswap for example, and redeem it in a smart contract after which the token will be burned.

That's the current vision. But my vision is more expanded. Why couldn't you organize a small ICO to sell your tokens to your family, friends or even people willing to "invest" in you? The core idea being that you are able to raise something like 1k to maybe even 10k that way, and on top of that the market decides how valuable your time is. If someone sells your tokens 10$/token, it means one hour of your time is worth (only) 10 bucks.

The interesting thing is that if you provide a really good service, a client might want to buy a few more tokens at the current price, to make sure he will not have to pay more later, driving the price up.

Besides, every time a client redeems a token for one hour of your time, it's burned, meaning the supply decreases massively with time. So after the initial ICO, your time might only be worth 10$, but after three months, it might be worth 50$, who knows?

You may ask why an ICO, well the core idea is to allow people to kick-start new activities. Want to become a cryptocurrency advisor, lawyer, or trainer but don't have the required funds to pay for the initial costs? Well create your own token and raise money through an ICO. This way, you will allow people who believe in you to invest in you.

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