True helpfulness is the ultimate marketing strategy.

The more I think about it, the more confident I'm getting with the idea that true helpfulness is certainly one, if not the ultimate marketing strategy.

Before explaining why I think so, let's clarify what I mean with true helpfulness. A lot of companies are using content as their main marketing strategy. And that's certainly not a problem, but the problem is the way they do it. You aren't being helpful to your customers by creating a "Top 10 of...", or the usual interview with a happy client. That's not going to change positively the lives of the people consuming your content. But it needs to. Your content needs to be literally life-changing. Positively, of course. You need to provide knowledge, which no one else is providing. Because then, you have a monopoly, and a monopoly, that's true power. Though, you will tell me there are a lot of companies providing "life-changing" content, but you have to pay for it. That's the catch. What you want to do, is to create life-changing content, without asking ANYTHING in return. Don't ask for likes, comments,... don't ask for money, don't ask for advertisers. Just shut up, and create life-changing content.

Why? Because it's when you are providing high quality content, which no one else provides, that your audience will start trusting you, and becoming slowly but surely a fans of you. But if you ask them constantly things, that trust will die.

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