Scalability and ETH killers.

A lot of "ETH killers" seem to be focused on creating a scalable system, with zillions of transactions per second while "not sacrifying decentralization". Which is absurd when you think about it, because the more nodes you have, the slower you system, that's just logical. So how can you have a more scalable system, while remaining as decentralized as you were before? It's just not possible. What projects need to look for, is the right path, which is in the middle, as always. You don't want to be too decentralized, but not centralized. You don't want to be too scalable, but not unscalable. And you don't want to be too secure, but not insecure. If you are too decentralized, scalable or secure, your system will be dramatically slow. But if your system is centralized, unscalable or insecure, your system has a point of failure.

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