Revolutionary, but definitely not worth your money.

Since the launch of Metronome, back in early 2018, I have been following them closely. It's an interesting project.

Essentially, MET allows you to move the same value from one chain to another. You can for example send MET from Ethereum to Ethereum Classic. You may think that's not revolutionary, because you could use atomic swaps with a copy of the same token on the other chain to do the exact same thing, but here is the catch: it's the same token.

So, when sending MET from one chain to another one, you are basically taking the same Metronome from the Ethereum blockchain, and placing it inside the Ethereum Classic blockchain. The interesting thing with that, is that to port MET from one chain to another one, you need what are called Validators. These Validators need to lock up the currency of the chain they are based on, to become a validator, making Metronome essentially an impossible-to-destroy currency, even more than Bitcoin. Because if you want to take down Metronome, you would first need to take down all these different chains, before being able to take down MET.

On top of that, there are some really interesting aspects to it. Example: you could theoretically create a Monero sidechain for example, made specifically for MET, allowing you to store fully privately your Metronome. Want to use them? No problem, just port them over to Ethereum, and you can start using them in dApps and other services. A merchant only accepts Bitcoin? No problem, port your MET over to the Bitcoin blockchain (thanks to RSK smart contracts) and pay him, on his Bitcoin address, with MET. Want to pay with insanely low fees, let's have MET on the Lightning Network, or on Nano, or whatever chain or solution which allows you to move value cheaply.

Revolutionary, isn't it?

While it is indeed quite exciting, and would certainly fit perfectly well for something like DeFi for example, Metronome has its flaws. Not the system I mean, but the project in itself.

First, the team is awfully slow to develop the project, and accumulates the latencies. Initially, they were supposed to roll out a new Metronome smart contract for the Qtum blockchain during the end of last year, and launch again a new one for the RSK (Bitcoin) blockchain at the beginning of this year, but, the development of the Qtum smart contract isn't even finished yet.

Besides, who the hell uses Qtum? Or Ethereum Classic? It would have been much more thoughtful in my opinion to focus first on Ethereum, and get MET adopted there, and then expand slowly towards other chains, like Tezos, RSK, Cardano, Algorand,... Chains which actually may have a future. ETC hasn't a future, nor has Qtum, nor has EOS which they are currently considering as a new chain to build a MET smart contract on.

Second, the marketing is horrible. Actually, wait. Is there even "marketing"? There has been 0 marketing since the beginning of the project. Besides a few useless meet-ups, and some little extra articles where the team answers exactly three questions, which are even more useless. When you are in the content marketing "business", you need to be TRULY helpful to people, that's the trick. And a way Metronome could do that, could be to create DeFi guides using Metronome for example. Oh wait, Metronome isn't even compatible with DeFi yet. Ok, well, then they could create long, interesting pieces about the tech behind it, and the future of Metronome, if there even is one. That would be interesting for people.

Third, there is this horrible communication, and coordination. This project is really badly managed, in terms of strategy, vision, marketing, but also communication. We still don't know why there have been such delays. We still don't know if by the end of the year, they will be able to create a Metronome smart contract on top of EOS and Cardano like they were initially planning to. You have to regularly communicate with the community, and not have a Community Manager constantly giving the same answers like a robot.

So, while the tech behind Metronome is incredibly interesting, and a future based on Metronome would be awesome, and while I really want to believe in this project, it's definitely (currently) not worth your money.

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