Dharma, your future bank.

I started using Dharma recently. If you don't know what it is, Dharma is basically a 2.0 bank. ING, Deutsche Bank,... these are all 1.0 banks. Then you have N26 for example, which is in my opinion a 1.0+ bank. And then there is Dharma, which is so different, that it's not even comparable to a bank.

Currently, the only thing you can do with Dharma, is deposit money, earn interest, and withdraw money. But the user experience is just insanely good. It's crazy, because it feels like it's addictive. You absolutely want to have the highest number as possible in your Dharma wallet. I don't know how they did in order for people to have such a feeling, but they did it really well.

There is something which tells me that in a few years, Dharma will be worth billions...

We will see.

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