Difficult times.

I must admit these are incredibly difficult times to be in crypto. I lost the past few days more than 50% of my initial investments. That hurts. But I'm still as confident in crypto, and in my investment strategy, as I was before. The main thing here, which a lot of people aren't noticing, is that this is an amazing learning experience. A lot of people are scared because they see their portfolio going down. And it's funny, because does it matter, if, before making a 100x on your investments because you were in this space way before everyone, your portfolio just went down by a bit on a very short term perspective? I would argue it doesn't matter. I really don't care actually. Really.

This thing (Bitcoin) can go down to 1000 $, I would still be as confident as I have always been. Why? Simple because 1 BTC is still equal to 1 BTC. What people don't realize when investing in cryptocurrency assets, is that they actually truly own something. If you invest in Ethereum for example, you don't invest in ETH, you invest in the network. Like in a stock, where you own a part of a business, in crypto, you own a part of a network. Without ETH, the network won't work. So on a long term perspective, it's just not possible for ETH to go much more down, simply because the network is so useful and people need ETH to use it.

Let's take one of my investments for example, 0x. 0x is essentially a liquidity network for dApps. The interesting thing with 0x, is that, wherever the market goes, the 0x network will be used, simply because to move the market, you need liquidity, which you can find on 0x. Besides, the 0x token is mainly used for governance purposes. The max supply is 1 billion tokens. If I have 1000 0x tokens, it means that it will FOREVER, control 1/1000000 of the network. Wether the price of the token goes up or down, it doesn't matter, I still control 0.0001% of the network. And controlling 0.0001% of something forever, whatever happens, that's true power.

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