Using prediction markets to cure diseases.

There is currently an epidemic in the world, and it has a lovely name: Corona (also known as COVID-19). And it's funny, because when you think about it, cryptocurrencies literally solve everything. Whatever problem you are encountering, it can be solved with crypto. In this case, people could use prediction markets to incentivize big pharma companies to find a cure for COVID-19. To do this, someone would need to create a prediction market which would ask the following question for example: "Will X company find a cure for the Corona disease before the end of the year?". To incentivize that specific company to find a cure, people would need to bet on the idea that, it will not find a cure by the end of the year. And the company, knowing it can find one, will bet that they will find a cure by the end of the year. That way, the company will win, besides selling the cure of course, an enormous amount of money thanks to this prediction market.

It's funny, because I really have this feeling that, we haven't discovered all the use cases for prediction markets yet. And there are already a lot of them.

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