The best ways of investing during these difficult times.

The markets are currently down, and it hurts. My cryptocurrency portfolio went down by around 50%. However, I'm still confident in my strategy, even if I have had some doubts the past few days. But that's normal I guess, given how bad the situation looks like. Though, I think that the coming few weeks will be an investment opportunity which we will not see again during years of time. So, how do you invest?

Well, I have currently just been investing in knowledge. Because knowledge, as Benjamin Graham used to say, is the best investment one can make. Knowledge, is what allows you to buid businesses, to have relationships with people,... Knowledge, equals power.

Though, in the coming weeks, I will be investing again in crypto, simply because the market just overreacted, in crypto, but maybe not in the global financial. Though, if I had enough money, I think I would be heavily investing now in the S&P 500. Not specific companies in the index, but just the whole index. It's in my opinion certainly one of the most safest investments you can make. And the reason is simple, the economy always, ALWAYS goes up on a long-term perspective. Always. There will only be more people on this planet, only more demand, and because of that, a never-stopping-growing economy. That's how simple it is. Now you may live difficult times like this one, but on a 30 to 60 year investment period, it's certainly the best decision you can take if you start investing early in your life. At least, that's what I'm planning to do.

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