Time is the real currency, not the USD, nor the EURO.

It's funny because 99.999% of the people on this planet value everything in money. And I do too actually. But why? Because, at the end of the day, it just doesn't make sense. It would make much more sense to value everything in time, as, you can not inflate time, there will always be 24 hours in your day, never more, never less. While in contrast with that, the USD is currently being inflated with 1 million dollars every second because of COVID-19.

And besides, everyone has time, it's the ideal currency. Bill Gates has as much time as you and I have. And what's interesting about it, is that no one can buy it. No one can buy, even with billions of dollars, even just a second more every day.

Now, you will most likely tell me that time isn't as equal as I'm saying, simply because Bill Gates can afford incredibly expensive health operations which you and me can't. But while I agree with this statement, I must say it's not entirely correct, as these health operations and other stuff will maybe allow him to live a few years longer, it will just be a few more years where he will not be in great shape. Most people in their 90s aren't really looking forward to life if you see what I mean. So time, as a currency, is actually quite a fair system.

When you go on Facebook, you spend time. SPEND. Yeah, like money. Because it's money. The more you spend time on his social media, the more Zuckerberg will win money, as it will allow him to have more data about you, more insights.

When you create a startup for example, you will invest a lot in it, more than you can imagine. Maybe some part of that will be money, but most likely, most of that will be time. Simply because your favorite VC can't offer you time, nor can they invest time (unless they start working for you of course).

Time is the real currency.

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