Note 36

Drinking: vanilla, cinnamon and cardamon tea


It's 14:30 and I woke at 06:30 today. This is my first time writing so much later than when I wake up. Normally I write on the day that has just passed, but now I feel like I'm in a sort of cleft stick. This is because I've already hit the halfway mark for today. I think I'll stick to the schedule and write on yesterdays goings on. In the meantime, I will plant some seeds for tomorrows blog post with the most significant things of the day so far. Okay I've done that. Back to the task at hand.

Yesterday was an uneventful day. As days go, that is very good. Considering the old classic curse "may you live in interesting times" I'm very OK with uneventful for most of my life. I woke before 6, and worked around 6 hours doing painting and decorating. I'm getting closer to the end point of the decorating that I'm doing in the house and that annoys me. I don't really want it to end as I've gotten into a flow state with the rhythm of my work days. It feels good and I'm good at it. The next task to do is to eggshell the woodwork after a light sanding and remove any hairs and other debris. This is one that I'm apprehensive about. Specifically the prep stage as I haven't a lot of experience therein. When I removed a few of the hairs, it removed a lot of the top coats of white around it and left a patch of the older yellow paint underneath. This was frustrating, so I hope it figure out how to avoid that in the future. So far I've tried using a stanley blade and a wood chisel to remove the more baked in pieces of debris. After it's all sanded, my plan is to wash it down and then dry it with a clean rag.

That was the last work task I did that day and in all fairness I only did it for about 15 minutes before I was to clock off. Prior to that I had spent the day painting. I had begun by painting over the patches that I missed the last time (found based on the change in texture when the light hit it in a certain way). I then painted the airing cupboard. After lunch I painted airing cupboard again and then painted the return at the window in the back bedroom. For dinner I cooked cauliflower greens sauteed with garlic and spring onion in olive oil. I then finished it with a few chunks of blue cheese. To serve with it, I sauteed a pack of dried gnocchi in a few tablespoons of butter, some boiling water and some soy sauce. This was an experiment wherein I wanted to see if I could cook and serve dried gnocchi as if it was fresh. And I would say it was a success.

After dinner I had a phone call scheduled with my bros. We had a really hearty chat and I thoroughly enjoyed it. At the moment I can't remember much of what we talked about but the feeling still remains that we had a good time. Near to the end I suggested that I invite a mutual friend of ours to the chat which they were both happy about.

After the chat, I had a short natter with my dad and then went to bed.

That was a good day.

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