Note 47

Time: 4 minute read

Drinking: Dalgetty Lemon and Ginger tea

Listening to: RMF Cuba (Krakow based Salsa radio station)

Notable songs: Coldplay, clocks , salsafied; Salsa celtica El sol de la Noche; Africando, Aicha


It's 8am and I woke to my alarm at 7. In the time between I watched a couple of funny videos from Fynn Kliemann and a sobering video from Innunendo studios on Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog. Until today I never knew that Kliemann made videos. I only knew of him because of his fantastic album Nie that he released a few years ago. And now I see that he has an annual video series that he posts called Mach Deine Scheiße Tag (Do your Shit Day), a day that he has set aside to finally do all the odd jobs around his house that he has been putting off . He highly encourages others to share this day with him and do their own shit too. In case you are wondering this year's has already passed. So you're not allowed to do anything until next year. It's celebrated the first Sunday of every February. I have already added it to my calendar for next year.

Yesterday was an alright day. Not that great, but nothing really untoward happened. Just for the majority of the day I didn't have anyone to talk to. I miss chatting with Steph and being able to text her random shit.

In the morning I cooked myself some breakfast. It was a chunk of polish bacon I found in the freezer, a 2 egg omelette and 2 leftover flatbreads , nuked with butter and sprinkled with sumac. Oh and I had an apple. I just noticed that when I eat a grazing meal,when I eat things as I cook, I don't remember that well what it was that I ate in comparison with a sit down dinner and everything is on one plate. hmm. A few hours after this, for lunch I had a banana and choc-peanut butter on rye sandwich. I wasn't hungry as I had just eaten recently.

For dinner I made a stir fry with a collection of assorted ingredients that had been building up recently. The base of it was a reduced pack of pepper themed stir fry my dad had bought from Tesco. With this I added water chestnuts, garlic, an old courgette, spring onions, roast chicken, anna potatoes, chicken stock, soy sauce and apple cider vinegar. It tasted pretty good all in all but it didn't sing. It also didn't taste particularly Chinese. I have no idea what kind of seasoning would have worked for it. In the end I just seasoned it with some oregano and mace. I wasn't that happy with it in the end because I had these thoughts in the back of my mind. But it was still satisfying to eat.

In the evening Laura was nice enough to give me a ring. I should really ring her more often myself. It was actually completely against the odds that she got through to me. This was because I had my phone set to do not disturb for the whole day. It was entirely coincidental that I had picked up my phone to check the time. And then I see she's calling. So I pick up there she was. It was weird. We had a really nice chat though. It was longer than normal because I was desperate for human interaction outside of those in my house. It turns out she had started watching a show that I used to watch a few years ago. It's nice to hear her describe it and rediscover it through her eyes. I updated her with what was going on with S and the stress in my head about when I should contact her next. From a chat I was having with Dad prior to her call, he suggested to wait until Wednesday for contacting her. He also suggested that I should simply tread water and not mess up what we've built so far. Laura didn't have an opinion on the time frame, but instead pointed out that it may be more final than I want to interpret it. S wasn't like super into it, and she didn't set a time frame of when she's be available, she just said that she'll be busy for quite a while. It's quite likely nothing will come of this. I don't know. I don't really want to know. The longer I don't text her the more apprehension creeps in to me. I'm the kind of guy that thinks if something doesn't get my constant attention, it will disappear. I just realised that a few days ago and it's a concerning thought.

In brighter news, I also figured some stuff out about the future reward regarding my reward for hitting 50 days straight of writing. I want to hire a Marie Kondo- style personal organiser. It's difficult for me to encapsulate this sort of job title. My sister wanted a fixed definition and I struggled for a while. I suppose the easiest way to describe it is a life organiser who works from the ground up by systematically questioning each possessions relationship to you. I reached out to a London-based firm earlier in the week to find out their price list. They don't list it on their website. And I hate that. They explained that they charge £50+vat for 45 minute chat and £700 + vat for 2 organisers working 8 hours on site. I punched the numbers into a calculator and found out they make £43.75 per hour. Guessing that 50% of that is taken by the firm. But either way, I only make £60 a day. So for one day from them I have to work 14 days. That's not going to happen. Mainly because I don't need declutterers. This isn't because we don't have clutter, but because the vast majority of the stuff left after I've gone through everything like 10 times is emotional stuff. Things related to my grandparents or other relatives. It's not just something you can blitz through and yeet into a skip.

All this said, I still want to hire some kind of someone of that sort, just because it would be fun. My sister also emphasised to me that if I'm going to do this, I need to treat it like an appointment with a lawyer. I need to know exactly what I want to focus on with them, and have back up topics if the first one is dealt with faster than expected. I will definitely do that. But in the meantime I need to start getting ready for the day. As we're going to be travelling up to Norfolk and my bag isn't properly packed yet. So I'm going to leave it here, and I'll see you tomorrow.

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