Note 64

Drinking: Lemon and ginger tea

Listening to: Tom Misch & Yussef Dayes- What Kinda Music

Notable songs: The Real, Lift off feat. Rocco Palladino


It's 6:46 and I woke before my alarm, at 6. I then laid in bed trying to sleep until 6:29. My room was really hot so it was difficult to stay asleep. I just checked and it's 23 degrees Celsius.

Yesterday was a better day. I still had a fair bit of tension with my dad, but overall we got along well.

The night before, I clarified a rough schedule of the morning so that we can be on the same page and both aim for getting to specific milestones at the same time. We aimed to leave by 11:30, so we should be ready by 11, for the inevitable last minute things.

In the morning I packed up my belongings that I want to make the return trip with me. There's more things that I'm comfortable leaving there, including various articles of clothing and a small collection of books. It's nice having something to look forward to upon my return.

We made the deadline with time to spare. As we were both ready by 11, we left 15 minutes early. My part of the drive back was rather pleasant, all things considered. I learnt from the last few experiences driving the van and chose not to listen to a video whilst driving. This is because the cabin of the van gets very loud at motorway speeds which make it difficult to hear what the video says. In addition this make it difficult to talk whilst the video runs. At one point I missed my turn off before one of the main roads, where we switch drivers, so I had to go for a short distance further. This wasn't really a problem.

Once we got home, we quickly unpacked. I was trying to be efficient by running bags upstairs upon receiving them. This was done as a quasi covert contract, whereby my dad would appreciate my efforts and the difference between that and the usual way we do things in which the whole hallway downstairs is filled with bags and boxes. That didn't happen. 10 minutes in to my heroic efforts I was asked to stop and just do the normal process.

We then sought to find something to eat for dinner. I was sad because I hand't used up the various old freezer items whilst we were up in Norfolk. In response I announced that I would use an old Tesco ready made gravy as a component in dinner. My dad was apprehensive and didn't want me to. He didn't say it explicitly so I had to figure it out via negativa. Afterwards we found a few alternatives.

After that stressful process, we had lunch and I got to fulfil a promise to myself. I had declared that I wouldn't play Shattered Pixel Dungeon until I got back to Ilford. This was because it felt wrong to play it when I should be preparing to leave. It was difficult sticking to it as I hadn't had any blocks that stopped me. I stuck it through and got to play the game for the full 1.5 hours in one sitting upon getting in bed. It was satisfying as I remember from experience that my adrenaline is too high post-driving to actually have a rest. Even after all of that, I was surprised when the game autoclosed. It was a good feeling to stay true to myself.

At 5pm, I started preparing dinner by rendering down and drawing out the salt from a pack of bacon. It was a recipe where I had the grob pieces in my head however I still had a fair bit of space along the way for intuition. I plan to write down how I made it

At 8pm mum came round. I was finishing my German as she walked through the door, so after greeting her I returned to my studies and stuck with it. In a decidedly relaxed manner I went about getting myself to the dinner table. As I had prepared everything else before hand, I knew that we could take our time. The dinner I had made was a green soup with aubergine, courgette, onion, bacon, butter bean, pasta and garlic. There's more to it but that will do for now.

After dinner, I helped mum send off a medical form per email. Then I showed her and my dad the phone that I want. I was cheekily roasted by both of them as I tried to explain why it's a good idea to spend £300 on a phone that does less than another half the price. It felt frustrating but I knew it was all love.

Afterwards I showed her a few songs from Fynn Kliemann. I liked to show it to her, and she appreciated me doing so.

Following this we returned upstairs as I was getting cold and it was getting late. When I was ready for bed I explained it to my mum my current sleep schedule of being in bed around 10pm. I also explained the work station that I have planned for the living room table to both of my parents. They were both receptive and understanding. It felt good.

I'll see you tomorrow.

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