Note 65

Drinking: Lemon and ginger tea

Listening to: Lotte, Querfeldein

Notable songs: Auf Dich, Flucht reflex, Wer wir geworden sind, Anders als geplant


It's 7:58. I woke up at 7:29 when I went to the living room to pick up my iPod expecting the alarm to go off later. Only when I picked it up did I realise that I slept through the alarm. Oh well. I'm still tired, so it doesn't seem to have made much of a difference.

Yesterday was a basic day. I woke up too early and went straight to the living room to my work station. I started with editing the post for the day and publishing it. I then worked on the post for tomorrow. Afterwards I read a few articles out of the Readers Digest. One in particular stood out. It extolled the benefits of walking regularly. I had just read the book from Kate Humble called ??? a few weeks ago. It really went into that topic in depth. With these together, I felt duly enthused to give it a go. I told my dad, and got a nice outfit on for a walk. I initially planned to just walk round the block in my PJs. However as things go with me, I quickly fell into a greater plan.

I decided to walk across the park and hit another town, then take the bus back. As I walked through the park I really enjoyed myself. At certain points it feels more like a forest, which is even more magical. I've been walking this park ever since I was a kid so coming back to it feels good.

Once I hit the town, I wanted to see how their high street is during the current iteration of lockdown. A great many shops are closed. Many of the restaurants tell of their offerings in takeaway and delivery. The estate agents had created an impenetrable wall consisting of their office chairs; a line in the sand. The charity shops had donations gathered in the alcove of their doors as if they were carried in by the wind.

People were as friendly as the city allows. I didn't make much of an effort as I too felt reserved; to greet others would feel strange here.

Once I returned home I was tired. I did not notice this much so I did not act upon it. I accidentally had a rest whilst watching videos. But after that I simply continued aiming to be productive without considering the toll that my body had taken today. It would be nice if I were more in touch with myself.

I only really came into awareness of my tiredness once I was in Tesco. I felt more on edge because being there stresses me out. There is nowhere to sit as I have to stand the whole bloody time. It's tiring. We have to stay there for so long because my dad insists that we go there for the reduced items. The whole thing leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

In addition, I think next time I won't undertake such a massive walk. Although it wins me sympathy from my parents, it doesn't help me. It goes against the aim of walking consistently. By the last stretch, my sandals were hurting my shoes so I walked barefoot. That was painful too, but different . I would like to plan out a nice loop I can walk in 20 minutes or less to make it less of marathon.

See you tomorrow.

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