Note 66

Drinking: Lemon and ginger tea

Listening to: Jackie Onassis, Holiday EP

Notable songs: Smoke Trails, It Goes (Uh Oh)


It's 7:19 and I woke to my alarm at 7. I stirred a few minutes earlier and got it into my head that the alarm will be soon. For once I was right.

Yesterday was a difficult day. I was verbally abused by a neighbour of a customer.

We arrived there with the intention of having a nice break from being at home. Once we got there we had a chat with the elderly customer and another neighbour from down the lane. Once they were talking to each other we began the process of measuring the current fence and considering how we could replace it without any gaps underneath. Not long into this process, the muscle bound son of the upstairs neighbour began talking to our customers from the window above the garden. It seems the plan to replace the fence was news to him.

Over the course of the next 40 minutes he became more and more upset and angry at us and our customers. At the beginning I was on his side. He didn't want a new fence to be built. But naturally because of the situation I couldn't voice any agreement because that would reduce our income. His main argument was that the new fence would impede the light coming into his garden. This made sense to me as we had a similar problem with our neighbour in Norfolk.

My goodwill promptly stopped when he laid into my character and out of the blue started calling me a gimp-boy. I didn't feel much at the start but it was sad. I felt hurt. I was rooting for him 5 minutes ago. I think it's one of those times where the pain of the insult doesn't land for a bit because of Adrenalin. I'm happy I voiced this upset to my dad and the customers. But not as clearly as I could have.

After a few more close calls with the son, the mother came to the window. Initially no-one else was willing to talk to her. I took it upon myself to do so, to let her feel human, be listened to and to respect what she has to say. I think it helped as she mentioned things to me that the customers hadn't heard before. We left shortly afterwards as the ball had begun to roll and I was still afraid of getting decked out by the son.

Once we returned home I sought escape from the pain by playing video games. Cocoon myself from the hurt. It seemed to work. I played shattered for an hour. For the remainder of the day my conscious brain had forgotten about the stress from the morning. By the time my dad mentioned it a few times later, I had forgotten about it entirely. He suggested to my sister that she give me a ring. She did so and it helped. I explained what happened and we talked about the reward that I've missed for the 50 day mark of my writing. She gave good suggestions about where to go with the idea that I initially had.

We came to the conclusion that instead of hiring a professional organiser for 1 hour for £50, I should look to see what other people in my life think of improving my room. The wisdom of crowds. I was apprehensive about going through with the conversation with the professional and I prefer this idea. I suggested we could use video chat to bring a better picture to them. She suggested that I could use a scaled drawing of the room to give only an abstract of the room so that those looking at it won't be overly influenced by the current content of the room.

I'm excited.

See you tomorrow.

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