Note 77

Drinking: Lemon and Ginger tea

Listening to: SoundCloud weekly

Notable songs: Yann Tiersen- Comptine d'un autre ete, Aoi Teshima- What is a Youth, Rachel Lander Daft Punky Get Lucky Cello

Notable lines: N/A


I woke up at 7 and that was quarter and hour ago. I'm still bloody tired.

Yesterday was a better day. I talked a lot about things that were on my mind and made myself vulnerable to dad about topics that I have never mentioned to him before. This took guts on my part and understanding on his.

For breakfast I had the usual of stir fry with wheat noodles and a 2 egg and yoghurt omelette. I snacked on cream that I had been thickening recently.

I began work around 10:40. My work was to trim the hedges back and front. I find gardening terribly stressful because I never have the reassurance that what I'm doing is actually good for the plants.

I chose not to have any lunch because I was sick of eating when I'm not hungry. I just went upstairs read a bit and napped. It felt good, and surprisingly enough, I wasn't starving afterwards. I was pleasantly hungry come dinner too. I also noticed how I was pretty full after the stir fry alone at breakfast.

I came down early from my room and we finished the lunch break earlier than normal. For the afternoon's work I began by tidying up the upstairs rooms and preparing them for being carpeted. After this I tidied up the through-lounge. This was satisfying to do as tidying up and organising things is one of the areas that I'm best at and have the most experience. To end the work day I was to give another layer of undercoat on the front door frame. It was also satisfying to do because I'm competent at most painting tasks. These tasks both acted as a foil to that which I did before lunch

For dinner we had leftovers from the penne bolognese I cooked yesterday. Both the leftovers were forgotten to be put into the fridge after dinner so they were out in the kitchen overnight. I was concerned how they would turn out, but they tasted fine upon reheating.

After dinner I did my German studies and then talked for 47 minutes to mum about a lot of intense topics. It was good to open myself up. I finally mentioned my friendship with S as I had specifically avoided telling her.

The chat with dad happened after the one with mum. I think bringing things out with her helped to encourage me to do the same with him.

I went upstairs to bed around 10:38pm. This was 38 minutes later than I wanted. I was still watching videos trying to persuade myself to buy the punkt phone. I'm a bit anxious about what it would be like to go out without being able to use whatsapp or access the interenet at all. But I'm excited too. This is quite a contrast to my mood 2 days ago.

Maybe I'll feel like shit in 2 days time?

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