Note 78

Drinking: Lemon and Ginger tea

Listening to: SoundCloud weekly

Notable songs: Dustin O'Hallaran- Museum Nights

Notable lines: N/A


It's 7:15, I woke to my alarm at 7 and walked downstairs to pick my phone up. Before the alarm I was tossing a few times waiting for it. A bit earlier I was feeling rather awake, but I was afraid that it may by 6am or earlier. I didn't want to get up before 7. My shoulders both feel fine, which is nice.

Yesterday was a better day.

For breakfast I had the remains of the pack of stir fry vegetables, cooked with a big dollop of the coconut and lemongrass dressing I had bought with them. There was no noodles that day, as I had finished eating them the day before.

During the morning shift, I split up my work into pomodoros, however that day had a change. Normally I'm just sitting on my thumbs or listening to a song during these points. To look forward to these points more, I tried what it would be like having the last 40 pages of the current book available to me during these breaks. I'd say it was quite successful. The plot was reaching a crescendo so it kept my interest going and gave me something to look forward to during the work time. @How to fill time in the pomodoros during writing?

During the lunch break, I chose again not to have lunch. I get very sleepy if I do and normally I'm not terribly hungry at this point. I only felt the first bit of hunger at 2:30pm but that subsided quickly. Instead during this time I read the last 25 pages of the book. I was rushing it a bit, but not too bad. It was a satisfying ending. It also had a good amount of breathing space after the intense crescendo of the plot. People putting their livess back together, taking new directions toward horizons anew. Overall it was a satisfying book. One of the most surprising things for me was how well a male author could write a female protagonist; I have no idea how I could write a book from a woman's perspective without it being utterly contrived.

During the afternoon shift, I had moved to focus on painting the bathroom. I slowly and carefully touched up any questionable points where the colour was thin or the darker tone from below was showing through. Over time, however I started to get anxious that continuing to do so would be a mistake. I had noticed that the paint on the walls was a different tone to the surrounding paint. It looked lighter and this depressed me. I had the idea that I shall have to repaint the whole wall and the other two rooms I've spot checked. It was dark due to the rain clouds at this point which didn't help my or my dad's mood. The helplessness and depression washed over me. Especially after dad worked to fix the paint by mixing it back in with the extra pain. When I repainted the same areas they were just as light as before. In the end we decided that I'm to paint the room again.
As luck would have it the other two rooms colours looked fine.

Whilst this was happening, I had a few stronger hunger pangs. They also went away. For dinner we had a nice collection of food. Local new potatoes that dad scrubbed to get the excess peel off and boiled in plenty of water, 2 ostrich steaks and a bowl of local broccoli and cabbage that I microwaved with butter and salt and pepper and allspice. The potatoes turned out nicely, but the real revelation for me was how satisfying the microwaved veg was, especially the cabbage! It tasted lemony from the seasoning. @I'll definitely do that again.

I had a shower whilst the potatoes cooked, which was the first itme in a while that I stuck to the once every 2 days rule. It felt good to be consistent with myself.

An hour or so after dinner I got terribly anxious as I didn't have anything to distract myself with. I chose to meditate. I hadn't done so in a few days now. I went for 15 minutes using a meditation song I found on soundcloud. It felt good to complete the time without opening my eyes. I'm not very good at keeping the mind on the breath yet, but it's better than before. @One thing I haven't sorted is when something comes up that I need to write down. I sometimes forget it if I don't commit it to paper during the meditation session.

Later on I finished reading Bring on the Empty Horses by David Niven. This was a gorgeous read, full of real people in a painful city, that nonetheless had a lot of heart in it. I look forward to reading it again in a few years. The book also had a wonderful vanilla aroma.

I was really tired during a lot of the day. To try to improve this, I made an effort at going to bed earlier. I went to bed at 10:10pm with the aim of being asleep by 11pm so I could wake at 7 and get 8 hours. @I really should include contingency time

Alright, I've got to see about my breakfast.

Bis morgen.

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