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It's 7:32. I awoke to my alarm at 7, but was still dead tired. I din't want to be grumpy and unhelpful at work today, so I returned to bed for 20 minutes. I then collected my phone from downstairs turned on my laptop and edited my post from yesterday.

Yesterday was a better day. I was in a low mood most of the day with low energy to boot. I was rippingly tired from when I first woke up. The adrenaline and cortisol helped cover it up from time to time, but it never really went away.

For breakfast I took dad's advice and made myself a frittata using the left over potatoes and my usual egg mixture. It didn't turn out well because I mixed the eggs with the veg whilst they were both in the frying pan. This meant that the oil got mixed in too. What then happened was the whole frittata stuck to the bottom of the pan as the oil wasn't there to protect it. @Today I'll do things differently.

It was difficult because our initial plan for painting was dashed by colour complications. Normally he would assign me to do a specific large area to paint and I would gradually work my way through it. I would take breaks accordingly and be well motivated by the steady progress and the fun breaks. However when the progress is halted by a conflict whereby the more I do of what's asked of me, the worse the outcome, I cannot work in good conscience. So it was a stop start day. We had found a few satisfying tasks to make tangible progress though. The back patio had accumulated a lot of items over the last 3 months and we were now in the tidying phase. Dad suggested that we tidy and clean it up. I carried rather heavy bags of decorative stones down the garden using a wheelbarrow. In the end it looked a lot better. I'm looking forward to seeing how it looks after it had dried completely.

For lunch, I didn't eat anything again. In addition I did not sleep. Instead I played shattered pixel dungeon for half an hour or more. I had allotted myself 1.5 hours for the day, twice a week. However due to my limited free time on a work day, this takes up a lot of time. It's not that bad, but it means I play it more than I really want to. In addition, I don't like rushing through my break and not noticing it go by me. @I'll have to tweak the times the next time I can.

For dinner, I fried up left over potatoes with garlic and celery and cooked it with a frozen portion of spinach and tomato dal that I cooked a few weeks ago. It all turned out really nicely and I'm looking forward to eating it again. I had a certain amount of flatulence probably due to the dal. @asofoetida

After dinner I had a chat with mum. It was fine but I don't know how to handle it when she starts monologuing on politics and how much our country has mismanaged their corona response.

I went to bed at 9:45 pm in an attempt to sleep earlier. I think this worked as I read for a while, but without any obvious clocks available to me at the time, I've no idea. @I really want to have some kind of analog, not glow in the dark clock that I can look at before I sleep. Also sleep tracking is still useful. I'm looking forward to the weekend, but I don't have anything planned. I'm afraid it's going to be stressful again.

Anyway, that's all I've got for now.

Bis morgen.

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