Note 68: Archives 3

Drinking: Lemon and ginger tea

Listening to: Read more, write more (soundcloud)

Notable songs: Yiruma, River flows in you; joe Hisaishi- Summer


It's 7:53. I woke up to my alarm at 7 and since then, I read more in a biography of Peter Sellers and turned my phone back on at 7:35.

This marked the end of my 24 hour phone detox. It was a strange experience, but a recommendable one. Assuming that you can figure out a way to square your work commitments with it, it should be positive.

I specifically chose a day where I did not need to leave the house so that I don't have as much anxiety about the risk of not being able to call anyone if I need rescuing.

Most of the day was spent rather nicely. My dad wanted me to go with him to a weird old store that would be interesting to me. As I didn't have anything better to do, this option shined in comparison. It was a pleasant time there, even though due to corona measures we couldn't go in and browse the aisles as he wanted to.

Aside from that I whiled away my time with a nice combination of napping, reading and playing board games. My mum asked me yesterday if we could play scrabble and I agreed.

I have a rather nervous disposition and this seems to express itself in a need for stimulation and attention from others. Most days I want to be able to talk to someone outside of the household to get my fill of stimulation. However as my phone was unavailable for the day, this wasn't as easy as normal. Luckily a need arose outside of myself: my dad suggested I talk to my sister about an important topic, and I used his phone to do so. We talked during the return leg of the outing with him and that sated me.

It was strange not being able browse the internet as freely as normal. Although I hadn't set any rules against the rest of my devices, I specifically minimised my use of normal web browsers through the day. I felt a bit gross when I did browse for a short while. In addition to this I found it alien to simply sit with myself when in the company of my parents, without having my phone. I think this was the most alien to me. It was certainly most difficult in the first evening. I was not ready for it.

One unexpected result of this challenge was how much I wanted to look up words on my phone whilst we were playing scrabble. Another one was that I wasn't able to text dad after he had left to inform him on a dinner decision I had made. Both of these were challenging, but the second was more scary for me. I'm often afraid of what happens if I don't appease him.

Overall I enjoyed the experience. I enjoyed not having to check my phone all the time wondering if so and so had texted me back yet. I enjoyed being able to just laze about the house whilst feeling the time go by slowly. It feels a lot more luxurious when the grains run through your hand one at a time. I'm not sure what I'd change for the process next time. I suppose a bit of research is what the doctor would order, about how others have handled the same situation.

Fingers crossed and bis morgen.

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