Alan Sandercock

Retired from doing environmental GIS and now working on photography and travel.

Unblurred Rob

I made an attempt this morning to clean up a photograph of an old photo of Seed & Feed Marching Abominable band member Rob Anderson. It's a photo taken at the 1997 Inman Park Parade and I believe it's a crop from a slightly larger photo and unfortunately it's slightly out of focus as a result of either the subject moving or the photographer not attaining focus. To do this I saved the jpeg from the published image on Facebook and then loaded it into Topaz Sharpen AI. This software did a reasonable job of making the image slightly clearer, but only having access to the jpeg and now a RAW file wasn't optimal. Of course given the time that the photo was taken there was never going to be a RAW file to use although I suppose a high resolution Tiff file from a scanned image could have improved the sharpening process.

Macbook Pro 2011 Battery

Considering that I had an issue today with the old Macbook Pro not hibernating or going into sleep mode I'm definitely thinking that it's past time to replace the battery. It is, after all, the original battery and it's been doing good service now for over 10 years!

A battery search on Amazon (link below) is encouraging and it looks like I can get what I need to some $30.


Macbook Pro Didn't Sleep

I've just noticed that my Macbook Pro Apple light on the top cover of the laptop was on, and indeed despite the cover being closed the computer was not in sleep mode. It was warm, but not piping hot. I'm not sure what's going on but of course it means that I need to watch this machine a little more closely from now on. I'm presently doing an upgrade.

I should probably note here that the machine is still running Mint Linux which I installed a few weeks ago and despite this blip I'm almost certainly going to continue running this OS on what is now an aging laptop.

Publish to Listed

I've just setup my blog on Listed so that I can now (presumably) seamlessly add content to the web and specifically to this site without having to deal with the likes of Facebook. I guess I'll see how this works out.