Review - PyFlowchart

I was looking for a quick and simple way to generate flow-charts. Specifically, I wanted to illustrate the customer onboarding flow for a web app including (registration, user verification, enable 2fa, etc.) As I have been up-skilling in Python, I googled python flowchart generator and the first result was PyFlowchart.

I skimmed through PyFlowchart I decided to give it a go. And after about 5 minutes I had created a flowchart from a simple set of instructions :) I have since used it to create a whole series of flowcharts and I'm v satisfied with it.

Getting started with PyFlowchart

1. Step one: install pyflowchart via the command line

$ pip3 install pyflowchart

2. Create a new python (.py) file and import all from pyflowchart

from pyflowchart import *

3. Get familiar with PyFlowchart node types

Node Type Example
StartNode start = StartNode('Registration')
ConditionNode cond = ConditionNode('Already have an account?')
InputOutputNode io_enter = InputOutputNode(InputOutputNode.INPUT, 'Enter Email & Password')
OperationNode op = OperationNode('Confirm Email')
InputOutputNode io_confirmation = InputOutputNode(InputOutputNode.OUTPUT, 'Account Created')
SubroutineNode sub_login = SubroutineNode('Login')
EndNode end = EndNode('Goodbye')

4. Learn how to connect nodes

Nodes can be connected by [...].connect(...) method (connectyes or connectnow for ConditionNode)


5. Put it all together and generated flowchart domain specific language (DSL)

Get a Flowchart with your start node and call its flowchart() method to generate flowchart.js flowchart DSL

# first-flowchart.py

to be added

Save the above file and in the command line, run

$ python3 first-flowchat.py

Then copy the output and paste into flowchart.js

to be added

Voila, flowchart.js generates the corresponding flowchart which you can then save as and use elsehwhere.

A Little About Me

Inspired by Derek Sivers About post

About me

Things I like

  • Clean, raw food (I'm vegan)
  • Hiking / Trail Running
  • Yoga (Asana, Pranayama, Meditation)
  • Focusing on what matters... dampening-out the noise
  • Sleeping well :)
  • Women
  • Quiet time (I hate noise)

Things I want to improve on

  • Coding: Python, Javascript, Solidity
  • Focusing on the present moment
  • Reading, Writing, Learning (Compounding knowledge)
  • Not wasting time
  • Aparigraha or non-attachment

Earlier this month, I took Ray Dalio's PrinciplesYou Free Assessment. The last time I took a psychometric was November 2012 (Myers Briggs: Introversion, iNtuition, Thinking, Perceiving (INTP)). The YouPrinciples results are much more detailed and insightful and overall I was comfortable with the results which I have included below.

I have set a goal of improving the following metrics: Conceptual, Nurturing, Humorous.

PrinciplesYou Results

I am most like the Planner archetype and also have attributes of the Quiet Leader and the Strategist.

How I Prefer to Think

Metric ----------------------- Score* Relative Value
Practical 77% HIGH
Creative 55% MODERATE
Detailed and Reliable 49% MODERATE
Deliberative 48% MODERATE
Conceptual - to be improved 31% LOW

How You Apply Yourself

Metric ----------------------- Score* Relative Value
Composed 77% HIGH
Humble 75% HIGH
Energetic 70% MODERATE
Autonomous 58% MODERATE
Flexible 58% MODERATE
Determined 51% MODERATE
Status-Seeking 11% VERY LOW

How I Engage with Others

Metric ----------------------- Score* Relative Value
Tough 56% MODERATE
Leadership 35% LOW
Extraverted 22% LOW
Nurturing - to be improved 10% VERY LOW
Humorous - to be improved 2% VERY LOW

*Each metric is scored on a scale of 0 to 100 in relation to the scores of others that have taken the assessment, this is a percentile.

Me In Context

To be added

Current Interests

Current interests (a-z, max 5)

  1. "Crypto"
  2. Psychological Biases
  3. Python
  4. Taleb (Nassim Nicholas Taleb)
  5. Yoga: Asana, Prana, Meditation

Hello, World!

I plan on using this space to crystallise and share thoughts and just get stuff down on paper. I expect initial posts to be short and somewhat disorganised and of not much value to anyone. Longer-term, I hope I can share valuable insights and learnings and influence perspectives.

Goals for 2021

  • Write at least 16 posts (2 per month)
  • Write at least 4 "valuable" long-form posts
  • Create a pseudonymous Twitter profile and start to share content & engage with others