Nearly 50

I've decided to put the "Practice #x" to bed. When I started this journal, I wanted to write every day about my piano practice. It was almost like a motivator for me to play, so that I could write. However, I don't need that as a motivator - I play every day. Even if it's for 20 minutes, I still play.

That's what I wanted to document, playing every day, but on most days, you've not got much to write about i.e. if I'm just doing scales, then I'm just doing scales. The important things for me are 1) playing every day and 2) practicing the right thing (which I'm still working out).

My motivation for this journal is to consolidate what I'm learning. I want to learn music theory and since I'm largely doing it on my own, writing helps. I also want to use it as a marker for the progress I am making. And share the tools I am using.

For instance, I started in January 2019 and I set out a goal of learning 10 short classical pieces - I feel that that was a good project for me. I would then go around some local pianos and play these pieces in order to get experience playing other pianos whilst others are listening.

Playing in front of others is a sure way to get better, in my opinion.

But along came the opportunity to play a few songs in a local band for a gig in August and that has set me back a little on the classical stuff, but has accelerated my chord playing. As part of this, I'm learning Don't Stop by Fleetwood Mac. It has a bluesy riff on the left hand called a barrelhouse bass, which has been great for strengthening my fingers plus I am genuinely interested in learning blues style piano. Here's a tutorial I've been following:

So in summary, the posts from now on will be less frequent but contain more content. One day, I might even use a custom domain...

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