My Privacy in 2022 #1 - Intro + Start with deactivating Faceabook.

It is 2022 and I have decided that it is time I take control of my privacy.
I am not trying to be anonymous but just trying to limit how much I am willing to share.
Many would probably ask why? I have seen many reports on data breaches on news, lives ruined due to identify fraud etc.
Here, I will be documenting the steps I have taken to regain control of my privacy as well as some of my thoughts.
To start off my journey, I will be deactivating my Facebook (Meta) account even though I have not actually used it for over a year or two.
I have been using Facebook since before I could remember. I used to post status updates on my mood, check-in at locations I was at and share countless photos. Just browsing back I could build a profile on myself. It is actually little creepy how much data I had posted on Facebook, anyone could build a profile of me and know my favorite locations etc.

Some reasons why I decided this:

  • Rampant data breaches of companies that handles our data.
  • Covid-19 has eroded any sense of privacy (contact tracing, check-in & out etc).
  • Be less dependent on big tech.

P/S. I am not good and writing/documenting so there might be no structure and really messy.