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I write code, and people pay me for it so I guess I'm ok at that. Nobody pays me to write words but sometimes I want to do that anyway so here I am, doing it for free. DISCLAIMER All opinions expressed in this space are my own and not representative of any employer of mine (past, present, or future), any organization to which I belong, or the broader community of well-adjusted human beings in general.

A past post on Azure databases

While I polish up some of the drafts, I'd like to collect some of my other writing online too. So here is a post I did a few years back for my work's dev blog, about how to tune your Azure Cloud SQL database to make it go extra fast. ...
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A Taxonomy of Software Failures

(Somewhat inspired by this classic article about categorizing exceptions, which anyone who writes software should read.) There are an infinite number of specific ways that a production software system can fail, and in my career I've encountered a vast array of them (of course, some percentage of them were my fault in the first place). But I've noticed that production failures tend to fall into a few broad categories, so my hope is that by sorting the categories out, it can be easier to anticipa...
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First Poast

Testing this thing out -- there's a bunch of stuff I kind of want to write up, polish up, and broadcast to the general public. But since social media is demonic for numerous and well-documented reasons, I'd rather do it on a place like here; also because I'm hoping this will force me to be more proactive and coherent than I otherwise would. Current agenda is to get the general layout and metadata and CSS looking nice and fancy while I also polish up the posts I have in the drafts, and hopefully...
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