Someone robbed a bank
had friends in high places
someone stole food
or ran away with the wrong person
was paraded and lynched
someone was a mob boss
reached great status
held important social positions
someone wanted to use compassion
was dragged through the mud
someone used ribald slogans and noise
was cheered and accepted
someone used ideas and poise
was booed and thrown out
someone ruled with arrogance
deaf to the voices around
was hailed and worshipped
someone ruled with caution and advice
was thought weak and a looser
someone turned a blind eye to misery
was called the saviour
someone wanted to heal the pain
was brutalised for trying
someone had crazy ideas
was called a visionary
someone pointed out the madness
was branded a traitor
someone lied his way to the top
all sins were forgotten
someone made one mistake
entire life was shattered
someone of deep privilege
decides the fate of masses
in his infinite arrogance
someone risen from the dirt
remains a figurehead
someone hardened against emotion
plays with other lives
someone imbued with empathy
watches with helpless tears
someone sits atop the carnage
hailed the warrior of peace
someone kind as the moonlight
called a dangerous terrorist

someone somewhere somehow
find some kindness

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