How to save the world

begin with an idea
it must be absolute conviction
so strong that it burns
not a personal idea
but one for humanity
do not listen to anything opposing
and do only what aids
on road to the one goal
learn tricks and deception
learn to lie and make money
make tactical friends
and don't bother about enemies
eliminate them or subsume them
remember, you know what is best
everyone else is in the herd
and you will be the shepherd
like god's tortured son
use them at will as cattle
make your goal noble and holy
make the herd believe that
it is essential for success
that the herd must participate
in its own nirvana
while cheering you on
the message is important
use freedom, liberty, democracy
use history and ancient glory
give everyone what they want
tell them what they should want
slay demons not enemies
black monsters of hell
be ruthless and shrewd
one day you and your caravan
will save the world

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