Alright YouTube

Sometimes, when I know I don't have enough time to really watch something that's very long, I turn on YouTube. I like to utilize the app on our Apple TV or my Playstation 5 and well... I don't use it all the often. In fact, I only have a handful of subscriptions and none that I have just “have to watch.” I don't care of streamers or YouTube commentaries, so its mainly things like wrestling, Angry Video Game Nerd and well... yea, that's it.

But I do use YouTube for watching trailers. So, when I got home today, I decided I wanted to check out all the cool trailers that were released during Playstation's Showcase last night. I started up Spiderman 2 and I sat through a fifteen second ad. I got to around the ten second mark when I realized that I was watching an ad just to watch an ad. I was letting some random company advertise to me, so I could see the advertisement I wanted to see. Then, right as the ad hit fourteen seconds I backed out of the entire app and deleted it from my Playstation.

I don't mind watching an ad for some homegrown content like the stuff over at Cinemassacre. I have a couple of Patreons of bloggers and podcasts that I like that I donate to. I have no issue what so ever with folks getting paid for their work. Where I do have an issue is giant companies making advertisements like the ones I mentioned beforehand common place.

I've noticed YouTube ads have gotten longer and more frequent and I cannot express how much I hate having a video interrupted with an ad. So, today, I had a decision to make:

1. Do I shut up and tolerate it?
2. Do I pay for YouTube Premium?
3. Do I decided to no longer play the game?

I think folks who know me, know what I chose.

I'm done. I can't say I'll never visit YouTube again, but I will not utilize it without an ad blocker installed or with NewPipe. This is not okay and I'm not going to sit back and participate. My life would probably be a little better if I didn't feel compelled to watch advertisements for video games that I then in turn go spend money on.

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