Come and Visit Me Again Soon

I've been working on a project over the past several weeks. It's not something that is going to bring me any sort of success, but it is something I feel that I need in today's world. I've decided to utilize a basic HTML static site which is very Web 1.0 as my sort of main hub into the internet. One might argue that it's a homepage. Remember those?

For almost ten years, I've been tinkering with this website. It's undergone several names and designs, but it wasn't until earlier this year that I finally put it online. I mentioned it briefly in a blog and there it sat until a few weeks ago when I started working on it some more.

I realized, especially after my issues with Wordpress and my webhost, that I missed the simplicity of just writing some basic HTML and having the site react the way I wanted it to react. I also missed when sites were written with more permanence in mind and not something as fleeting as say a blog. When you made a website in the 90's, you made it to last (although they were quickly abandoned). The pages that went up took so much time and effort you just added onto it, like creating puzzle, linking one piece to the next. I miss that. You could learn so much about a person and their interests by exploring this puzzle of pages they created and put online.

I realize that Web 1.0 is not coming back. We traded creativity for capitalism and it's here to stay. There are some small communities popping up that are attempting to resurrect a more simple web, but I also saw dozens of these pop up alongside hundreds of blogs last year when COVID began and they too are now abandoned. But I for one, would like to have a little spot on the web that is my own and is totally under my control. I want to be creative and I want to tap into nostalgia with the occasional ugly background and scrolling text. I want the internet to be more fun, like it used to be.

I realize that not everybody will care about this, and that is why I've made a choice to keep my blog on an actual blogging platform so that people may subscribe and keep up with RSS feeds. I'm still bouncing between and Write.As, but I will hopefully figure out where I want to plant my feet by the time I officially launch the website.

I was reading a great little Webzine called the Yesterweb Zine that is dedicated to old school interneting. There was a great quote that reminded me of what I loved so much about old school websites. It was the authenticity and personal connection that people attempted to make.

It was "Come and visit me again soon!" rather than "like and subscribe".

I hope you'll choose to visit.

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