A Reflection On My Digital Past

I've been dabbling with the before mentioned HTML site as of late, and it got me thinking about the various blogs and websites I've ran over the years. I decided to put together a Junkyard page that would consist of old banners and screenshots of forgotten blogs of mine that I was able to retrieve via Archive.org.

I spent about an hour and a half trying to remember old web addresses and flipping through the various days that were archived. It was both delightful and enlightening. Delightful in a nice trip down memory way and enlightening at how much I've grown over the past twenty years.

I look back at some of the stuff I wrote with pride but I equally look back with disappointment. I stop short of calling it shame but the ideals of a 23 year in comparison to a 38 year old are vastly different. Sure, I may still love many of the same elements of pop culture and have an affection for the past but I do not miss the arrogance or crassness I once wore like a badge of honor. I do not miss the pandering or desperate pleas for attention. Quite frankly, its downright embarrassing.

But that is part of maturing, I suppose. You shouldn't look back on every element of your life with great pride. By doing so, I would think you haven't shown any growth and since none of us are born 100% emotionally mature I think we all have room to grow. Heck, I feel miles away from the guy whose writing I recently re-read and I feel like I still have plenty of room for improvement.

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