Blogging Woes

On Thursday, I purchased a new hosting plan with my provider that would help me consolidate my websites and hopefully save some money in the long haul. Immediately, I began the process of moving Brandon's Journal onto this new host and well... it didn't go well. I spent almost all of Friday night trying to make things right. Then I stayed up extra late trying to get the site up somewhere and that's how I ended up on is the blogging service created by Standard Notes and works in conjunction with Standard Notes. When I originally set out to start blogging again early last year, was the first privacy respecting option I ran across. Ultimately, I decided to go with Write.As for all my needs, then when I wanted a little more control of my site I moved everything over to Wordpress. I've actually been very happy with all of the services I've tried and I love the customization of Wordpress, but something went wrong with my latest install. No matter what, I cannot get over some issues with Wordpress on this new host. I've even tried new domains and everything, but fundamentally, it seems my issue lies at Wordpress' insistence on pushing their "Block" designer and my insistence on using the Classic Editor.

After realizing I spent an entire night trying to get something to work just to write, instead of actually writing, I decided I need to reorganize my priorities. I'm not designing websites or blogs for money or to show off. This is just my little corner on the web where I like to chat. It's supposed to be fun and I love everything about it, with exception of managing the backend. So, I'm done with that. I'm gonna take some time over the next week or two, to make a decision where to host my blog going forward. It'll either be on here at or back on Write.As. I need a place where I have less distractions and I can focus more on writing. There will be no name change or anything like that, everything will stay be found at, you may just need to resubscribe via email depending on where I end up.

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