Going Back to the 90's... Web Design

Well, I've been teasing it over the past month, but I'm finally ready to reveal my new homepage: Brandon's Journal.

The site was designed with HTML and is/will be in constant construction. I think for the longest time, I've felt like I had to be finished with something in order to share it, but I realize when working on a site like this the work is never done. There's always something to add or tweak and maybe I won't work on it daily, but I've been tinkering and rebuilding this site for over five years now. It's time to allow the world to enjoy it.

The idea is that Brandon's Journal will act as a home page that hosts various articles, old blogs, and stuff I'd just like to keep. That way I'm free to blog all that I want with no distractions.

I hope you'll check out the site and maybe even bookmark like we used to do back in the day. Check back and visit from time-to-time and see what new I've added. Just be sure to hit refresh whenever you pop on by so that you get the latest updates.

You'll only receive email when they publish something new.

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