Introducing Middle Aged Fat Kids

In the fall of 2008, my friend Jimmy and I started a podcast. It was a originally titled Fat Kids in the Basement, but was shortened to Fat Kids Radio. We recorded nine episodes over a couple of months and co-ran a small blog where we discussed movies, music, video games, wrestling, and life. It was a very fun time that ended way too soon.

Over the years, Jimmy and I have talked about Fat Kids Radio fondly. It was a long time ago, and we've obviously both grown and matured over the years, but the love we have for our interests have never died. In fact, I'd say over the years, it's only gotten stronger.

So, a couple of weeks ago when Jimmy texted me and mentioned that we should start a blog and call it Middle Aged Fat Kids, I was all for it. Work together with one of my oldest friends just chatting about all the random things that we love? Heck yea, sign me up.

Over the weekend, I put together a blog, bought a domain and now I'm ready to formerly introduce Middle Aged Fat Kids.

Middle Aged Fat Kids (MAFK from here on out) is a light website where we will geek out and have fun. I've decided to pull all my media reviews and entertainment discussions from this blog and solely share them on MAFK. Brandon's Journal will now be dedicated to just discussing life, tech, philosophy, religion, etc and the fun pop culture stuff will take place over on MAFK.

I hope you'll check us out and be sure to add us to your RSS or bookmark us. There will be more content in the future.

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