Recently, I lost my patience with YouTube and it's aggressive advertising, today I finally snapped on Spotify.

I've been a fan of Spotify for a very long time. I was an early adopter of Google Music, but Spotify was a service I grew to love. I liked the simple and sleek UI in contrast to the early Google Music UI which was incredibly resourceful but hideous. And sometime around 2018, I finally made the change to Spotify and have used it for my streaming services ever since.

But over the past few months, I've grown increasingly frustrated with it. First, there are the constant advertising of podcasts, which seem to get worse every day. Then there are the constant suggestions, which are sometimes accurate and sometimes way off base. And then there is the horrible changes to the UI which make it difficult to use. There is just so much crap on the screen at any given moment, it's hard to sort between what you are looking for and what you are being advertised.

I don't mind advertisements, if it's a free services, but I'm paying for a family plan. I don't like that every time I boot up the app I have a screen I have to swipe advertising something on Spotify.

I also hate that the playlists I search are increasingly full of crap. The thing I loved most about streaming music were handmade playlists. I loved that someone took the time to sort through an entire season of Burn Notice and found every song and linked it all in one place. That's fun for me and I love revisiting late 90's WB shows for their interesting and unique soundtracks.

But now, it's almost impossible to find an accurate soundtrack. Instead, you'll find a soundtrack that is 80% accurate and then some band (or fan) who are trying to promote themselves insert their music in the midst of all the actual songs. It's frustrating at hell to enjoy a good playlist and then hear a song that doesn't fit at all or lacks the same quality. It wouldn't be so bad if I found a good song here or there, but I never do. It's always crap, which is probably why these bands are resorting to this bullshit guerrilla marketing.

I've been trying to be patient but I think I'm done. I'm over Spotify. I'm going to continue using AntennaPod for my podcasts and I'm going back to mp3s. Why does the internet just seem to get progressively worse ever single year?

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