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Calculating Florida DL#'s Florida driver's license numbers, for better or worst, can be calculated by hand if you know three things about them: 🔎Name (First MI Last) 🔎Date of Birth 🔎Gender at birth Florida DL# number have the format of 🅰️#️⃣#️⃣#️⃣–✴️✴️✴️–✳️✳️–⚧️⚧️⚧️–0️⃣ [A-Z][0-6]{3}-[0-6]{3}-[0-9]{2}-[05]00-[0-9] 🅰️ → First letter of last name ️⃣#️⃣#️⃣ → Soundex of rest of last name ✴️✴️✴️ → Soundex of first name + MI ✳️✳️ → Last two of birth year ⚧️⚧️⚧️ → DOB + birth gender 0️⃣ → [0-9]...
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