Myself Intro

Well Hello there,

I am starting this posts for my selfish purposes, I am the guy who is filled with lot of laziness, procrastination and fear of life. But at some point you have to face them and had to overcome, the first step always counts in doing so.

Today, you are reading that first step. I am a Mechanical Engineer and yes I am the guy who studied mechanical and working in a IT company, Ironic right! well, I not the only guy in doing so, which make me relive. Enough with my non sense.

I started my steps towards Data Science, but when surfing through Internet everyone suggestion is "Don't come into Data Science unless you have passion." I have been hearing this a lot. Passion is nothing but excitement. but you have to carry that excitement which can't be promised by anyone.

At present I am in the middle of python course, even after 3 months I still in my basics (relate to first words in the post), from now on I will share everyday progress of what I learnt and completed. I hope everybody can relate to what I am saying.

If you like this post come back often and watch my progress.

Thank you