Link Dump #3 - 2020-04-17

In less tardy fashion, a third link-dump - a place for me to offload the interesting articles or pieces or software I come across while trawling the internet.


Pueue: A modern, Rust-based alternative to task-spooler which provides a (local) subset of the kind of batch queueing functionality provided by schedulers such as SLURM.


orz: A stand-alone, general-purpose compression tool - not much more to say than that; performance numbers are impressive, so the only reason I can see not to use it is the fact that alternatives have better adoption and so are more likely to be maintained long-term.

zstd: A fast lossless compression algorithm implemented in a library and CLI utility, which has started to gain widespread adoption within tools which have a compression component such as SquashFS. One particularly noteworthy feature is the ability to "train" the compression algorithm using similar data, which is paticularly beneficial for inputs which are only a few KB per file.

zfp/fpzip: Compression tools targeting scientific data - specifically, arrays of floating-point data with some form of regularity.


Caddy: Having recently been upgraded to version 2, Caddy offers a simple yet flexible web server distributed as a static binary.


Dhall: Fitting somewhere between a configuration file syntax and a full programming language, Dhall provides advantages like variable substitution and simple logic without the complexity of Turing-completeness.


VSCodium: Releases of the VSCode editor, pre-compiled but without being encumbered by Microsoft tracking.

VisiData: A TUI for data science, aimed at making data cleaning/reformatting simpler from the command line.


Project Euler: Most of my early practice at writing Python was via attempts to solve Project Euler challenges. The main downside is the bias towards mathenatics, meaning that there aren't really many opportunities to learn entirely new patterns. Nowadays, I have more than enough ideas for interesting projects to keep me busy with learning "real" software development in the rare moments when the mood takes me.

ROSALIND: Similar to Project Euler, but with the focus shifted from mathematics to bioinformatics, and with more structured learning built in.


gocryptfs: An encrypted FUSE file-system, where any files added are stored 1:1 as encrypted files on the host.

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