In Pursuit of "Deliberate Practice"

I'm in the midst of a re-organisation of my personal tools - partly driven by dissatisfaction with how effective my planning and tracking have become, and partly by the arrival of my reMarkable 2 tablet. Basically, I need to figure out a better mechanism for knowledge management and project management - and also do a better job of differentiating between the two.

One of the effects of this reflection was to delete a large number of recurring tasks from Todoist. My task list had grown organically to include both short-term project delivery tasks and long-term habits like "drink water". While this made for a satisfying list of completed tasks at the end of the week, I often found myself overwhelmed by the list of urgent-but-unimportant activities which really ought to have been folded into my regular life, rather than hanging around as quasi-exceptions to be crossed off.

One of those habits which recently made its way into the recycle bin is "writing practice". As recurring tasks go, this one was probably the least successful; I definitely deferred it more often than I completed it, and even when I did write enough to convince myself I had actually done some practice, it inevitably ended up being a meagre technical contribution with no review or reflection.

With that in mind, and with a newly cleared StandardNotes backlog, it's time to try again. Writing and publishing a post in one sitting is probably the way to go. Even if what I write is this kind of meandering nonsense, "owt's better than nowt".

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