A Quote for 2020, and a Theme for 2021

Consequently, such a man becomes a hater of discussion, I imagine, and an illiterate person, and abandoning the use of rational persuasion he settles all his business like a wild beast by violence and roughness, and lives in ignorance and awkwardness, with no symmetry and no grace.

A quote from Plato's Republic ("Wordsworth Classics of World Literature" version) which I came across last year, and which felt particularly apt when thinking of the direction the world was going.

One of my favourite podcasts includes frequent discussion of yearly themes - these are not specific goals or resolutions to succeed or (more commonly) fail at, but rather guiding principles which aim to capture a course correction or enhancement which can be applied broadly across your whole life.

Coming across this quote again at the same time as reading about the concept of Lagom, I am considering what "symmetry and grace" might look like as a yearly theme. The two concepts connected quickly in my mind because "graceful" feels like a very good description for how Swedish culture is portrayed within the context of Lagom. Having enough-but-not-too-much is one thing, but recognizing when you are in that state is something else entirely, and requires a level of certitude I can only deam of. Achieving that kind of balanced life in a society which values more over better does not seem likely to be easy, but it is certainly a notion worth exploring.

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