Better Nate than Lever

Some time ago, I came across "The Missing Semester of Your CS Course" - a concise set of training material targeted at people learning Computer Science, who may not have had the opportunity to get familiar with a lot of common tools before beginning their academic journey.

Ordinarily, something like this would be filed away as a bookmark, and maybe published to a link dump here in amongst some other random finds. I felt this one deserved a specific call-out - both due to it being particularly good and an example of what companies should be building as part of their own professional skills training. Most notably, this material inspired me to put more time into learning intermediate and advanced Vim usage, which I have bypassed thus far despite being a user for more than a decade.

Lots of (most?) IT professionals miss out on picking up knowledge like this before landing a role which requires it. Consequently, they have to get by on rote learning of workflows from colleagues, or the investment of personal time. While the latter isn't bad (particularly if the skills are transferrable), it would be nice if teams did a better job of writing down their one-weird-trick shortcuts - and even nicer if recommended reading and training courses could be aggregated as a rule rather than an exception. While it is true that there is no compression algorithm for experience, there could be a nice GitLab repo and cheat-sheet.

With the time saved by finally getting around to learning how your development environment really works, I heartily recommend taking a break to read the longest joke in the world.

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