[9:17pm] [3/15/19]

so today was the OMEA contest. we got a I rating but that's not what this entry is for.

i was talking to vanessa in the hallway after band yesterday, and i ran into her again before we left school to go to OMEA. we stood in the locker room and talked for a little bit, and then i went to get my music, and then i stood and talked with her and abbie in the band room until we left. i sat with vanessa on the bus, and it was nice on the ride there. when we came home though, she was telling me about how she doesn't have a date to prom and like, i dOn'T kNOw iF sHe'S lIkE tRyiNG tO gEt ME tO gO wItH HeR or sOmeTHinG.

she gave me a ride home from school, too. the conversation in the car was like, pretty normal, but when i got out of the car, she said, "it was fun tonight," and i tHINK she said, "love ya, eric." so like i'm really fucking confused about that now.

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