[11:22pm] [3/22/19]

why does stella have to be so goddamn cUTE

i was standing there talking to her and tristan and like aAAAHDSKSIWBAAAAAA

also I was just thinking about the couple of times she snapped me when she was either about to get in the shower or just got out of the shower and like gODdaMN does she do that for other people or just like
was she trying to get my attention by doing that and then just gave up bc I'm an incompetent bitch

or am I still am incompetent bitch, but I just overthink everything and so I just take the illusion of caring and wanting more and think of it as fact

idk anymore

no matter what the reason was, she's really fucking cute and now I can't stop thinking and everything is just going to end badly because i was already hopeless before I started thinking about all this shit and now I'm just gonna be even more fucking in love

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