[9:14pm] [4/1/19]

okay so

I talked to cici in the hallway before theory today so that's good I guess, I haven't really gotten a chance to talk to her for a while

yesterday after musical rehearsal, stella gave me a ride home, and that was really fun because I don't really get the chance to be alone with her very often. today on our dinner break I was sitting by the front of the auditorium with her, bella, and helen, and it was nice, I guess. but then stella asked me to get a Snickers bar for her and so I got her 3 (because they're like the super small bite size ones) and about a minute later, people were asking the pit for Snickers bars (not because they saw me give them to stella, just bc they wanted some) so I leaned over to stella and whispered in her ear not to tell anyone that I gave her anything and she winked at me (I think) and said "I gotchu" like it would be our secret and like gODdaMN she's so fUCKING c U T E


I wish I could just like go up to her and hug her really hard because like damn I want her to hold me so bad

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