[5:32pm] [4/7/19]

so last night was closing night for the musical and at the cast party i sat next to stella and we talked a little about the show, since neither of us had actually seen the show we'd spent months working on

she had to left at 12:50am, and when she left, i got up and gave her a hug and she was squeezing really tight and i just meLTED because she doesn't normally do that with hugs and aAAAAaAAAaaAAAAAaaaAaaAA

idk anymore

i just want to be with her all the time and i know i can't do that because she's not looking for a relationship until college because everyone here is dumb but i'M HERE and she won't be next year so i want to spend as much time as i can with her but like i can't tell her how i feel because then i feel like she'd just stop talking to me like everyone else that i've told how i feel

she's just so fucking adorable and i wish i could be with her more often

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