[9:10pm] [4/17/19]

on monday, i was walking around, talking to some people during seminar, and then i saw stella buying some stuff in the cafeteria so i walked over and then we walked around for a little bit together

after we walked around for a bit, we went to mr. bernhart's desk

there were quite a few people over there, but that's beside the point. someone gave stella some spicy cheetos and they were way hotter than she was expecting. she kept eating them, and her cheeks got a little pink andAAaaAAAaAa she's so fucking c U T E

today i was down in the gym watching the special olympics basketball tournament during 2nd and 3rd, and i saw her across the gym and i got sad because i couldn't get up and go over there, bUT during 3rd i went back down and i saw her come in and she sat on the same side as me so i waited a little bit bc i didn't want to be like s u p e r clingy but i went over and talked for a little bit and then i realized that i didn't have any friends so i sat down on the stairs next to her and then maria snow, the person she was talking to, got up and left and she told stella that she could move over so i could sit next to her, and i feel like she could tell that i like stella, which is scary, because if a complete stranger could tell, then does stella know i like her???

i don't know anymore

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