Wokeness and the Church

My response to this excellent article:


I really appreciate the author’s intelligence and ability to think and write well. It is very informative and helpful for me to understand the issues more thoroughly. One, thing, though is that he writes with a seeming lack of hope in the sovereignty of the Lord and the mandate to His bride—the Church. True, the Church has in many ways been impotent, unwilling to take its rightful place as the Bride of Jesus and instead abdicating to lesser powers and beliefs. But he speaks about his faith with what comes across as more of a nominal tip-of-the hat instead of a deep-rooted belief that God is on the move and that the Body of Christ needs to find out what is on the heart of the Lord and partner with Him in that. For that is how racism and racial injustice is destroyed—by the power of God. We as the Church have a mandate to destroy the works of the devil. There needs to be a call to do that! The woke left is not the enemy. Our battle is not with flesh and blood but against principalities and powers in the air.

In summary, I wholly believe we as believers need to be educate and inform ourselves with resources like this one. But it saddens me that the brightest minds are so much on the defense instead of on the offense. We have a mandate to bring heaven to Earth! We cannot hole up and wait until Jesus comes back.

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