Site profile: Random search generator

Here I'm profiling our newest site, It's a random search generator. Why use a random search generator?

There are plenty of reasons, namely:

  • To avoid search engines knowing too much about you. Giving them a random search is one way around this
  • To allow you to discover new sites that you may never have thought to search for.

Also, it's something a little different and unique. There are too many websites doing the same type of thing, so I thought a random search generator would be helpful and unusual.

The theme of the site looks a little bit gothic, but with a modern spin. The idea is to show the user that it's about discovering odd corners of the internet and is also has privacy advantages. So the decision to use muted shades of purple, along with black and gray reflected the aims of the site.

I made a good-faith attempt to filter out sensitive words, so this should be a safe site for all ages and situations. However, it's not absolutely guaranteed that such words are filtered out, as it depends on where you draw the line and the types of filters applied. It's entirely possible I missed thinking of certain words to remove, so they might still be in there. So proceed with a little bit of caution, but rest assured it's designed with the intent of making a safe site.

Why pick this domain name? I wanted something that would sound both general-purpose, and a little bit mysterious at the same time. Something that might intrigue the user. And I love that it's a relatively short domain name.

So that sums up the site profile of our random search generator - from purpose, to design, to domain name.

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