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This is a profile of our site, a generator of gamertags. It can be difficult to come up with a good gaming username on the spot, so to solve this problem we created this gamertag generator.

Word selection

The website generates 3 usernames each time, with a "Generate New" button to re-generate. All of the words used in the gamertags were hand-selected to be upbeat, gaming-oriented, and suitable for all ages and genders. In addition, many of the words are not ones that would spring to mind as quickly, making the resultant gamertag less likely to be already taken in your gaming system of choice.

It is theoretically possible that the generator can come up with two identical gamertags within the same set of 3, but it is not very likely to happen given how many words are in the available word lists.

In addition to gamer tags, the generated items work equally well as usernames for forums or other purposes.

Colors and art

The background artwork was purchased from a stock photo site.

The colors of the website were selected to be be a good fit with the background artwork without being an exact color match.

We created the logo artwork for Overtwo ourselves.


Overtwo is the place to go for the best gamertags.

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