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Here I'll talk about our newest site, a collection of cute pictures of animals.

This site was designed to solve the problem of what to post on social media. All too often, current events are divisive and depressing. Posting something upbeat as a mood booster is a great idea, but it can be hard to know where to go to get material for that. Enter our site Gigatal! It's a curated collection of cute animal pics. These have a broad appeal that everyone will enjoy, and are suitable for all forms of social media.

Image sourcing

Images were obtained from free stock photo site Of course, anyone can go to Pixabay and find those same photos, but our site saves the user time by curating a collection of these photos in one place.


The background of the images is a gradient that goes from pale blue at the top left to pale orange at the bottom right. We wanted something that was more than just plain white while not looking too busy. It was important to let the images of the animals stand out and not distract the viewer by an overly detailed background.

Browsing experience

The site was designed equally for desktop and phone. The images each have a clearly labelled "Download" button.

Color scheme

To reflect the emphasis on cuteness that is the topic of this site, the color scheme is largely pastels with a pop of medium brown.

Other uses

Besides a source of positive and family-friendly social media content, these images can also be used as screen backgrounds. Animal wallpaper lends a cheerful tone to any device, whether it's a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. These cute animal pics work well for any purpose.

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